Art - Zemni

My art is somewhat schizophrenic. My professional life is very intense – working on participatory development in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Part of my aim and motivation in my art is therefore political – how to try and make the world a better place through improving communication and understanding between people – the poor and the rich, women and men and across ethnic divides. How to make visual as well as spoken messages understandable without oversimplifying from one particular standpoint, but providing information for people to want to think things through for themselves.

At the same time my art is also a way of exploring different ways of seeing and learning about the world as part of a search for my personal individual meaning, outside my professional life. Something that communicates feelings – flashes of light darting across layers of reflection, fascination with transition states and half-glimpsed images by my brain in its attempt to make sense of random patterns and sensations. I am particularly interested in the power of suggestion and the process of abstraction. Although much of my work is detailed and figurative, I also experiment with found images and the degree to which images can be simplified in different ways for different effects and still remain readable to the viewer.

Drawing and Painting

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