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About Zemni

The Tale of Zemni

Zemni is a blind mole rat bumbling around trying to make sense of the world. He started working with a group of Young Enterprise students in Cambridge in 2010.

Zemni then had a serious identity crisis. From July 2012 she started working with Linda Mayoux, a consultant in international development and would-be photographer and artist.

Zemni thinks that if she could only learn to see better into how things really are, it could be a very beautiful world. She is interested in pushing the boundaries of what photography and art can do to communicate her feelings about the world around her - anywhere and everywhere and anything - in her attempt to make the world that better place. But seeing clearly takes a lot of effort, and most of the time she prefers to just lie back in her own little world and dream - in a constant crisis of identity.

'Zemni' is the creative persona of Linda Mayoux. I am a visual artist based in Cambridge, UK.

Image-making is my way of living, experiencing life and discovering new ways of looking at the world around me. Some of my work is political. Some emotionally dark. Other more 'human' work aims to help myself and others laugh and ‘look on the bright side of life’.

Zemni builds on, and gives more balanced perspectives to my  professional life as consultant with international development agencies and activism around gender, environment and human rights.

I work in a range of media. The basis is generally photography or sketching and painting from life in natural media or on my iPad. These images may then be collaged as the narrative basis for further development in different drawing, painting or printmaking media, digital software or animation. Some of my work is more playful, experimental and abstract, exploring the range of intentional and accidental effects that can be achieved in different media, then adapting these and pushing the range of styles  in other very different media.

I am also interested in different forms of narrative. Some of her images are brought together as books, on-line experiences or moving image.

Much of my work has been around journeys and social and political issues in Africa and Asia connected to my professional consultancy work. Current work increasingly focuses on issues nearer to home - the social and environmental challenges we face in Europe and my own responsibilities within that.

Alongside my own artistic practice I hope - beyond COVID - to support processes for international collaborative art, photography, video and web communications as part of peoples’ own documentation of their lives, building on participatory methodologies I used overseas.

Linda in the London Snow 2010

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