Journey Bishkek to Naryn April 2016

The ancient Silk Road from Kyrgyzstan Capital Bishkek through Chui and Naryn Provinces runs south to the Torugart Pass and China. Starting through the flat agricultural plains of Chui Province, with its mix of population including Russians, Uzbeks and Tajiks as well as Kyrgyz peoples. It then passes through the mountains and lake of Issy-Kol.

Naryn Province straddling the Naryn river is the poorest in Kyrgyzstan. The economy is dominated by herding of sheep, horses and yaks, with wool and meat as the main products. Mining of various minerals developed during the Soviet era but has largely disappeared. The breathtaking scenery and strongly Kyrgyz cultural identity of the region are beginning to attract tourists.

Baizakh Village

Baizakh Village is in Naryn Province - my destination. The images here were taken in snatched moments early mornings, lunchtime and evenings.

Journey to Naryn Slideshow

Storm over T'ian Shen

Baizakh Village

Baizakh in Black and White

Journey to Naryn Selected Photos


Storm over T'an Shen Selected Photos

Baizakh Black and White

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