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December 23rd 2021:

Christmas preparations were fairly late this year - pretty muted because of COVID. Most families had very little in the way of lights or decorations on show. But I started to notice some interesting elements - some families were obviously very religious and eager to show it. Others put some quirky elements in the garden - windmills and meerkats and some ordered bottled milk. The house top right had not changed the window features since 2014. And Number 17 had taken Number 19's bin - I wonder why and what happened?

December 26th 2021

I had hoped to go out and take photos for a couple of hours on Christmas morning before family activities began - to mirror the ones on Xmas Day 2014. But it was raining all day. So I went out early on Boxing Day. The weather was miserable, and the whole place was completely deserted. Maybe a lot of people had gone away. The overall impression was one of veils drawn, barriers put up and all the little notices to keep away people knocking on their doors. The only living thing I saw was the neighbour's cat.

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