Tractor Abstract Shapes

FROM THE EDGE : Aldeburgh June 2017

IPad art

based on a diary of experiences,

reading and observations

in 'Aldeburgh-by-the-Sea',

Suffolk, UK

June 2017.

About 'From the Edge'

'From the Edge' is based on a diary from  a week’s holiday camping in our motor-home in June 2017 at the time of the Aldeburgh music festival.

I had originally intended a 'stream of consciousness' graphic diary of 'Aldeburgh reality' sketched on my iPad. Exploring also the potential of the iPad as a way of producing very different types of art from life, without having to carry a lot of materials, paper and other equipment. Partly because of variable weather, RSI and rudimentary iPad sketching skills, it soon became clear that I would not be able to make this documentary approach work - for the moment.

June 2017 was a time of considerable uncertainty and upheaval after the 2016 Brexit vote and the June general election. On the Wednesday came news of the Grenfell Tower fire. A time of heightened radio angst. Because of the variable weather I was spending quite a lot of time reading and reflecting. This affected my day to day experiences and reactions to what I was seeing around me when I went out. The diary broadened into a more expressive journey of imaginative and artistic exploration.

'From the Edge' as the interactive web experience here developed over a few months following. It combines iPad illustrations of people, buildings and landscapes created from life with other 'imaginings' using found textures and images to create stories informed by my reading of Aldeburgh history and socio-economic context.  It became a personal journey to explore at least some of the potential creativity of iPad art - freeing imagination from constraints of surface observations.  A journey 'From the Edge' to re-imagining what that 'Edge' might be.

The interactive site is an attempt to present the works in a way that is interesting and informative for the viewer - experimenting with the potential of SMUGMUG design and layout to create more than just a simple gallery of images. As part of longer term development of a professional website for my work.

The current inherent limitations of SMUGMUG as a web software for photographers rather than web-coders mean that the levels of interactivity and flexibility possible in Javascript or Adobe Dreamweaver cannot be achieved. There are also some annoying features like difficulty creating a menu bar for galleries - only pages. For the slideshows and to re-activate controls  it is important to click on the image, not the blank space around. So navigating can be a bit confusing at first. But through varying the settings, background and including hyperlinks to further information I found that quite interesting things are possible without a lot of complex coding.

An ongoing process to be continued...

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