Aldeburgh was an important Tudor port.

A common seal was granted to Aldeburgh in 1561. 'This ship in the waves of the sea, all sayles bearinge, with a Lyon rampant in the mayne sayle, is assigned and granted unto ye Baylyffs and Burgesses of ye borough of Aldeborough.'

Its shipbuilders were responsible for Francis Drake’s ‘Golden Hind’. In 1625 lord high admiral demanded a ship from Aldeburgh 'for the king's service to guard against the vast ambitions and malice of the king of Spain.' It is also through to have been the origin of the flagship of the Virginia Company, the Sea Venture, in 1608.

In 17th century coast towns of East Anglia were under constant threats of war with Spain. There was civil war and three trade wars with Netherlands.Pirates attacked from Dunkirk. Leading to heavy loss of life - on top of the natural dangers from the sea  . 

Aldeburgh's importance as a port declined as the River Alde silted up and larger ships could no longer berth.

Boats found there today are for fishing and tourists -  with undiscovered stories to be told from there flakey paint.

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