Storm clouds

The long shingle beach looks East across the North Sea. The most prominent feature is the sea. Then occasionally, glinting in breaks in the cloud, are the gleaming white off-shore windfarms. The beach itself is a protected environment with clumps of flowers and other plants, like sea poppies.

In the past  shingle plants like the small and bitter Seapeas were a staple food of the poor. In 1562 famine caused by blight destroying corn in full bloom made it inedible. The population was saved by miraculous appearance of bountiful crop of 'pease' on sea shore near Orford. Seen as gift from heaven. The crop was said to have sprouted from a cargo of peas washed ashore from a shipwrecked ship loaded with a cargo of peat. But probably they were there all the time, but people noticed them in the famine.

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