Which Way?

7 Kunst Macht Frei

The last day of my holiday I woke at dawn. With cuckoos and rabbits. And went for a walk to the beach.

To sit and watch the sunrise from the 15 ft sculpture called Scallop, dedicated to Benjamin Britten, and designed by  Maggi Hambling. The upright shell is pierced with Britten's words:

"I hear those voices that will not be drowned"

The sunlight glinted golden on the folds of the shell.

I felt elated,  full of energy and hope. I walked into town.

I sat on a bench  by the Moot Hall. Then noticed scratched in the black paint were the words 'Hitler there'. It was not clear what  it  meant - is Hitler here or there, or where? Not really a joke - the Scallop itself had been defaced in waves of homophobia and 'Little Britainers'.

But I was not prepared to let it bother me. We do have a choice which way to go. It must be possible to focus on beauty and re-imagine the edge.

Scallop at Dawn
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