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Aldeburgh ‘on the edge’

The Edge images are inspired by Maggi Hambling‘s Edge Exhibition seen on the first day of my holiday at Aldeburgh Peter Peers Gallery. This is a more political exhibition than her earlier work on waves and the sea. Hambling writes:

"It is called Edge because I feel we are ‘on the edge’.
There is a fragility to our existence – both ours and the planet
and these works attempt to address that
and strike up a dialogue with whoever is looking at them." 

Aldeburgh itself is 'On the Edge' in a number of ways.

The town has long fought a battle with the encroaching sea. Flooding is currently held at bay by periodically renewing  barriers and groynes. But sea levels are likely to rise in the longer term with global warming.

Aldeburgh is on the Eastern edge of England, subject to attack from pirates and successive wars with Europe. The shoreline is punctuated with look out towers against invasion since early times to the second World War.

To the North the skyline is dominated by Sizewell nuclear power station – with periodic radioactive leaks - none serious as far as we know. But a constant Whitewashed reminder of potential dangers.

The  images themselves were produced on my iPad from photos of sharp rusty edges of ageing tractors used to pull the fishing boats. 


The rusty tractor

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