Illustration - Zemni

Illustration Portfolios 2016 - current


Every mark and every splodge has a story to tell. Illustration is a process of discovering new things about the world, new ways of seeing and thinking. About connections and contradictions, light dark and transitions between. About what we might do to make the better place.

I work a lot with found images – doleful zebras in the woodgrain, dinosaurs in the clouds, the faces in the sheet folds. I enjoy working with textures produced by different processes, exploring the types of stories these suggest. Then I work on these to clarify shapes and combine them digitally.  I also work  with collage and photo-montage to discover and explore connections and contradictions of meaning, particularly in my more political work.

Although my explorations are a personal process, I hope they may also encourage others to explore  more about themselves,  the world and what they would like to do in life.

Portfolio 2018 Selection

Lobstera 2 painted image close crop

2018 Assignments

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