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Bramblefield Chronicles

Bramblefields is a small nature reserve just down the road from my house between the allotments and a housing estate that was built in the late 1990s. I helped lobby for it to be set up, contacting local Green and wildlife organisations, to reserve some green space for wildlife linked to other wildlife corridors along the river. Part of the land was where we had allotments, other land had been a horse field that was too waterlogged for either allotments or housing and was developed as a wetland area. It backs onto the local junior school and includes an adventure play area and is used for various school nature activities. The area – and its magic – have been one of my key discoveries and from Lockdown. Although it is used at certain times by dog walkers, it is generally quiet. So a good place to go when my normal daily walk along the river was too crowded with joggers as well as rowers and other users who would normally have been at work or exercised in the gym.

‘Bramblefield Chronicles’ is an experimental photography project experimenting with creative DSLR/iPhone photography, inspired also by video capture and sketchbook work.

'Beasts of Bramblefield' is a documentary work about the natural and human 'beasts' and the ways in which they shape - or destroy their environment. 

'The Tale of Pumpkin Wood'  is a graphic novel illustrated by photographs processed in the Topaz Labs software to produce a 'reality-based' but magical narrative about the fate of five pumpkins that suddenly appeared in a wooded part of Bramblefield, in the context of the rapid economic development and also destruction going on around them.

Linked to future possible volunteer work with Cambridgeshire Wildlife Trust and local school next to Bramblefields.

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