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Aldeburgh Diaries, Suffolk, UK

Aldeburgh Diaries is a photography-based project exploring different documentary approaches to events and locations in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.

Shutterscapes II: Carnival Days consists of photo reportage series from Aldeburgh Carnival 2017 (Suffolk) - processed and framed to present a sometimes humorous and nostalgic look back at a time of freedom before 'carnival was cancelled'.

Reflections in Grey is a photobook of reflections and readings from 'a journey around my room' in a holiday cottage in Aldeburgh during the second Covid-19 Lockdown in December 2020. In a claustrophobic small square format it juxtaposes images of the rooms with 'slices of textured light', texts I was reading and newspaper clippings as an internal narrative about coping with Lockdown and also increasing external urgency of pollution and climate change.

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