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Woman Living Lost, St Ives, UK

A Week in Teetotal Street: Photobook

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A small book based on a diary and photographs of a holiday flat where we stayed in St Ives in November 2019, just before the Brexit general election. Through collaged photographs, drawings and found text it presents a very personal response to my feelings of claustrophobia and helplessness at the time and doubts and dilemmas of trying to be a ‘responsible tourist’ amid all the social and environmental conflicts in St Ives.

It draws visual inspiration from Richard MacGuire’s ‘Here’, Jonathon Miller’s ‘Nowhere in Particular’ and the work of Aaron Siskind, and brings together a lot of my earlier reading and visual experimentation in a way that considers more explicitly issues raised by Poynor in ‘First Things Next’.

Reflections on St Ives, Cornwall

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