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Reflections from the Mountains of Heaven, Kyrgyzstan

This body of work is based on ‘outsider’ photographs taken in Baizakh village at the foothills of the T’ien Shan Mountains (Mountains of Heaven) in Naryn Province, Kyrgyzstan in May 2016.

The photographs were taken in spare time over a 6 day period fitted around consultancy work to facilitate a participatory workshop with women and a few men from different rural areas of Kyrgyzstan on empowerment and gender. Although they do not constitute an in-depth ‘photo-documentary’, I saw more than most tourists would see and my contextual information on peoples’ perspectives from the workshop is more in-depth than most outsiders would have.

The photographs are the beginning of my reflections as part of a dialogue with potential audiences in Kyrgyzstan, UK and elsewhere on what they represent as documentary on Kyrgyzstan, and also creative philosophies of life.

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