Participatory Action Learning System for:

Gender and Youth Empowerment in Horticulture Markets, SNV Ethiopia 

‘Gender and Youth Empowerment in Horticulture Markets’ (GYEM) is a three-year project (2016-2019) implemented by SNV Ethiopia and funded by Comic Relief. The project is undertaken from a value chain development approach, with special focus on the synergy between all the stakeholders in the chain and improving access to sustainable markets for smallholder farmers.

The overall goal of the project is to enhance social and economic empowerment of women and youth through improved control over assets and benefits from horticulture activities on household level in order that:

- women attain higher income from their horticultural activities women attain higher production through increased and improved access to assets, inputs, business development services, credits and markets

- youth enhance their participation and income in horticulture value chains through improved services for cooperative’s members

- the unions and cooperatives are more gender balanced in their policies, organisation and capacity building services for their members

- the enabling environment is strengthened to promote women and youth participation in horticulture value chains.

As part of the GYEM project Participatory Action Learning System (PALS) was adapted with women and men champions and staff in a series of catalyst and livelihood strengthening workshops between November 2016 and December 2017 for:

- Timret Cooperative Union, SNNPR (Meskan Woreda)

- Meki Batu Cooperative Union, Oromia (Dugda Woreda).

For PALS Resources in GYEM see the gamechangenetwork blog Ethiopia page:

For updates on PALS in GYEM see the SNV PALS Ethiopia blog:

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