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Anywhere Road

Anywhere Road’ is a series of documentary ‘tales’ about the peri-urban housing estate where I live.

Built in the 1960s right on the edge of a city, life on the estate is in many ways typical of other middle class estates in areas of economic development. Each house (including our own) is distinct from its neighbours, fenced with private lives hidden from view. The road from each house is used primarily to get out rather than a central link in a ‘neighbourhood’.

The projects explore the contrasting meanings - and also my own understandings - communicated by different photographic treatments in digital software. Highlighting the pressures of ‘appearances’, social tensions, environmental challenges as splashes of colour and humour in individual creativity to brighten life. In what is often quite a ‘monochrome’ alienated, distanced and probably unsustainable way of living.

Through working again and again in different ways with similar images over time in the same small place, I came to appreciate the many different potential responses to my ‘Anywhere Life’. And to start to think how it might change.

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