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Walking in Fragments: Moving Image (forthcoming August)

'Walking in Fragments' is a body of experimental moving image work about the process of seeing, looking, remembering and thinking while walking down Anywhere Road. It brings together collages of Hyperlapse and SloMo iPhone video in different Viewpoints and format together with still images from  different walks at different times of year. I experiment with different effects like time posterisation, moving focus masks and different colour treatments to convey different moods and thoughts on this regular walk, and produce a subjective account of my experience of place.

This body of work is currently unfinished because I needed to upgrade my computer processing power. It will be completed over the summer of 2022 together with insights from my other experimental image work and creative writing exercises that extend my experience of place in different ways.

Inspired by Frances Alys, Adam Scovell and Ryan Larkin's video and animation work on walks and walking. 

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