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Topaz Ghostly Winter

Quick Time Tales: Moving Image and Illustration

Quick Time Tales are a body of experimental Moving Image-based narratives exploring the ‘mindfulness’ of wildlife in my garden – constantly looking around to make sure they are safe and the sudden switches between slow movements and then very rapid communications or flight.

Three 'wildlife dramas' :

- The Cat Next Door

- Hedgehog Tales

- The Black Squirrel

I experiment with different narrative structures linked to creative writing development as a parallel creative process. I explore different narrative interpretations of iPhone video footage in Adobe Premiere as video and/or rotoscoped animation and/or After Effects art styles. I also extract action still shots for illustrated graphic tales, sketching and printmaking.

Creation Experiments  continues my interest in use of digital software to communicate different narratives. And linkages between digital and analogue styles. The application of Creation Effects templates by Noel Powell use After Effects layers, effects and expressions that balance random effects of analogue processes with digital control to produce a range of complex styles and narrative communication depending on the ways in which the footage was originally processed.

NOTE: 'Creation Effects' are  a series of After Effects templates including Art Styles, VHS video simulation, Film Styles, glitches and titles developed since 2012 by Noel Powell, a graphic artists based in Indiana. For more details and downloads see: CreationEffects.com

The videos are then used as the basis for still image illustrations, printmaking and sketches for graphic fiction print narratives.

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