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Garden of Mindfulness

'Garden of Mindfulness' is a body of work about my garden - the one patch of land on which I have some control - my wildlife garden. With all its real and imaginary dramas and the elusiveness of any real 'sanctuary' from events in the outside world.

Spectres in Blue: the main portfolio is a photographic narrative book based on photographs, sketchbook and creative writing. It is a 'tragi-comedy' book  about the ways in which I ( and maybe others) experience places - seeking possibilities of beauty in the everyday,  often creating 'fairy tales', 'gremlins' and 'spectres' in an attempt to cope with mental ups and downs  to cope with feelings of powerlessness in a world that seems (and is) chaotic and increasingly threatening with climate change.

The Garden of Gremlin : a series of tragi-comical illustrated fictions about 'mindfulness, starving and taming gremlins, and dilemmas of managing a wildlife garden'. These are based on a sketchbook diary of drawings, digital illustration and creative writing and  throughout 2022, drawing also on the photobook and moving image work. 

Edges in Summer Time: is a series of moving image and animation experiments in Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop that explore my subjective 'stream of consciousness' alternating between beauty of fluttering butterflies in sunlight and angst about 'things unseen in the undergrowth'. It also builds on rotoscoped video animations in TVPaint and After Effects of  'wildlife mini-dramas'  on my little plot of land.

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