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Cyano-Types: Photographic Prints

Cyanotpye is a chemical printmaking process using Potassium Ferricyanide that takes its beauty from blue tones and differences in focus, particularly when printed on textured papers. Cyanotype printmaking using sunlight is a slow process requiring precision timing and care with the chemicals. The images are also potentially ephemeral and changing with further exposure to light.

The photographs here were processed using the Nik SilverFX cyanotype filters as a much easier, environmentally-friendly and more controllable process. The images were  taken in my garden over the summers of 2020 to 2022 - without moving or altering what I saw through the lens.  The initial conversion of what are often rather dull colour photographs is often a dramatic revelation of a new world of softness, tone and light within which new figures, creatures and faces appear. It is then possible to manipulate tonal contrasts, sharpness and grain to enhance these found narratives and simulate different styles and effects from the traditional printmaking process.

The Portfolio here experiments with these different styles to produce images that are subtly different in tone, contrast, sharpness and grain to produce very different emotional effects.

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