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Aldeburgh Edgescapes

Aldeburgh Edgescapes is a portfolio of creative documentary photographs and photoscreen prints presenting different perspectives on life in Aldeburgh.

Seascape Noir: Black and white photographs and photo screen prints. A3-A1 fine art format.

Wish You Were Here:  Aldeburgh postcards: Photographs of signage and local issues in Aldeburgh. The postcards explore the meanings of different monochrome styles and framing to convery different messages from drama to nostalgia. A work very much in progress!

Entanglements: Images of fishing nest, flotsam and boats on Aldeburgh beach processed in Procreate on my iPad. To be further developed and added to in 2023 as narrative illustrations around fishing and the marine environment inspired by Ali Tabrizi's Netflix video Seaspiracy. To accompany short fiction stories and redacted poetry about Aldeburgh.

Topaz People: Photographs of people and tourists in Aldeburgh. To be further added to and developed to focus on issues around sustainable tourism including accessibility and diversity and environmental responsibility. Processed in Topaz Studio art styles.

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