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Colours of Suburbia

Colours of Suburbia are experimental digital images in different printmaking styles that formed part of my creative exploration of 'different ways of seeing' everyday scenes in an 'Anywhere Road'. Digital print styles using Lightroom or Photoshiop include photoscreen, woodcut and sepia solarplate.

November 2021: I started taking photographs again as an accompaniment to the 'Fragments Walking' moving image project. Inspired partly by the pumpkins someone had placed on the roof of their porch, together with the beautiful golden leaves, frosts and mists.

Solar plate prints can be very detailed and have soft, dreamy feelwith subtle tone gradations produced by the way that the ink interacts with the paper. These digital prints were produced in DxO Silver FX sepia filters.

Woodcuts accentuate shapes and lines around shapes. They can be differentially inked using brushes or dabs. But the range of colours produced by these photographs processed with Photoshop woodcut filter would be difficult to achieve.

Photoscreen printmaking has a gritty texture. Each colour needs its own screen, but the colours can overlay each other to produce new colours. These images were produced through colouring then blending Photoshop layers.

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