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Edges of Disruption: Everyday Gremlins

A series of linked projects in different media charting everyday personal reflections and imaginings in my house and wildlife garden. As attempts at ‘mindfulness’ are inevitably disrupted by external 'gremlin' realities of environmental change and sense of insecurity in the face of political uncertainties and misinformation.

Spectres in Blue: main portfolio  book of cyanotype-style photographs accompanied by experimental poetry and short texts around the theme of 'beauty, truth and experienced reality' from video, sketchbook notes and photographs of my garden.

Spectres in Topaz: supporting digital art experiments using Topaz Studio art filters to transform the 'spectre' photographs as suggested imaginative narratives for future development as short illustrative fiction pieces about environmental, social and political issues.

Gremlin Tales: supporting sketchbook experiments in the form of sketches, drawings, collage, solarplate and drypoint prints based on my sketchbook diary 2021-2022. The original sketchbook experiments in different media - pencil, ink, gesso, paint, collage - have been enhanced through scanning techniques and/or processing in DxO Silver FX and/or Topaz Studio.

Home Movies: experimental (unfinished because of RSI) Stop Motion animation and creative video exploring performative and emerging narratives about my life and garden.

Individual portfolios and supporting experiments

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