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Gremlin Tales

Gremlin Tales are based on sketchbook diaries and exercises 2020-2022. These are part of ongoing work towards a publication of graphic flash and short fiction tales exploring  subjective experiences and imaginings  in the context of 'real' events in my everyday life and global news disruptions of climate change, conflict and general political uncertainties and misinformation.

Drawings, collage, solarplate and drypoint images have been enhanced to support subconscious surreal narratives through different scanning techniques and/or processing in DxO Silver FX and/or Topaz Studio.

Life of Gremlin is based on impasto sketches with gesso, modelling paste and masking tape coloured by ink washes. These were then photographed and enhanced using Topaz Studio.

Garden of Paradise uses dampened and torn magazine paper collage pages in my sketchbook, photographed and enhanced blending Topaz Studio oil painting and charcoal sketch filters. A poem suggested by these images will be used as the basis for development of further imagery.

Rat Tales1 and 2  are based on pages in my sketchbook diary and a creative cut folded zine about invasions of rats in my garden during Lockdown.

Landscape in Red is a creative cut folded zine that suggested a dystopian landscape produced by flooding and global warming - produced before the dramatic real flooding and warming events on our TV screens in summer of 2022.

The Cat Next Door is an experimental portfolio based sketches, video and a short story about the arrival of our neighbour's new cat during the fledging season in the spring of 2022. Photos of these were used as the basis for dry point and solar plate prints, some of which were then further photographed and developed in Topaz Studio. These experiments suggest a range of image-making approaches that will be further developed as new sequential  illustrations for the final text.

The Plastic Hedgehog: Illustrations for a short story about disappearing hedgehogs in my garden. Line drawings and photographs with Topaz art filters.

Everyday is a Life Experiment: Collage and mixed media images from my Sketchbook Diary 2021-2022 charting my everyday thoughts in response to everyday events and the TV news. In some cases these respond to prompts from a random selection of photographs by Elliott Erwitt that are found on many of the pages in this particular diary.

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