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Spectres in Topaz

Creative photography experimenting with different Topaz Studio art styles to suggest imagined environmental, social and political narratives based on photographs in my English wildlife garden. These are being further developed over time in parallel to short story creative writing for eventual publication as graphic fiction narratives.

Suet Wars: Imagined tale about war and conflict suggested by photographs of hazel nut shells in a bird feeder for suet cakes after they have been nibbled by squirrels. Uses Topaz Studio oil painting filter.

Bone Fairies: Images of old chicken bones dug up by squirrels, cats and birds from home compost in my garden. These 'meat eating remnants' are not only exposed in scatterings of leaves. But also carried by squirrels onto old logs and other surfaces to sharpen their teeth on. Processed in a range of Topaz Studio basic adjustment and drawing filters to produce different illustration styles.

Summer Paintings: Summer photographs of my garden using different art painting styles in Topaz Studio to create different moods from the stillness of dawn and water to the turbulence of wind and searing heat.

Fishing Reflections: Uses a range of Topaz Studio art and AI filters to create different interpretations of found reflections of wire and bell cloches in a plastic bird bath.

Still Life:  Painting styles from photographs of objects in my garden using Topaz Sharpening and art painting and drawing filters.

The Bell Jar: Dystopian science fiction images suggested by Topaz Studio AI filters of light and distortions through the plastic bell jars used to protect plants in my garden.

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