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Cracks in the Edge

Cracks in the Edge: a photobook from from a week stay in one of the holiday cottages along the shingle in the first week of October 2022. I was unable to walk very far because of an ankle and hip problem. This book takes a journey of imagination inspired by abstracted photographs of edges and reflections on objects inside the cottage.

The photo narrative is currently being market-tested in two different Blurb self-published formats for sale on-line and at the 'Shingle' exhibition in Aldeburgh Ballroom Arts gallery May 2023:

1) For self-publication as Blurb large landscape hardback coffee table photobook (33x28 cm)

2) Split into 3 separate trilogy narratives for much cheaper small square softback publication:

     Part 1: Frog in the Fire: taking a semi-serious 'edgy' look at issues of pollution and middle                                                class tourist practices. The start of my journeys.

     Part 2: Interior Reflections: going down a mental rabbit hole, trying to escape to some                                                        mythical planet B, but returning back to the rabbit hole.

     Part 3: Edge Horizons: a rather more lyrical optimistic 'clearing of the brain fog.'

This is all still very much a work in progress. It is envisaged that as part of my forthcoming visit to Shingle Street in March 2023 some minimal narrative text/poetry will be written adapting sections of the Edge Manifesto to make the narratives more thought provoking and disturbing/inspiring. And that the books will be  ready in time for the 'Shingle' exhibition in May 2023.

Cracks in the Edge Large Format Photobook:- click arrows for slideshow control

Untitled photo

Cracks in the Edge Large Format Photobook: scrollable journal view

Interior Noir

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