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Through the Window Pane

Through the Window Pane is a photobook from the same stay in the first week of October 2022. It documents the ever changing light, weather and views from the window. My three tanka poems on the right, written at the time, were both inspired by the images and influenced their subsequent development. The overall book narrative contrasts my feeling of confinement with the complete economic and political turmoil in the world beyond the shingle that I watched on the TV screen and reported in the local press.

For self-publication as Blurb large square photobook (30x30 cm) for sale on-line and at the 'Shingle' exhibition in Aldeburgh Ballroom Arts gallery May 2023.


Silver slit of shimmer light

Darkens dread-grey sky —

Split from flat-grey sea.

Distant fleeting trace of sun -

Thinnest thread of hope cast free?


Two blurred hands clutch-cradle phone —

Glass-reflected ghosts

Frozen in sunlight.

How to safely capture the

Distant figure bent by the storm? 


Sunlight scratches through window frame.

Frantic fly struggles.

Spider web quivers.

Sunlight scorching through cloud cracks -

Why only pity the fly?

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Untitled photo

Through the Window Pane: scrollable Journal format

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