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Lockdown Landscapes: 2020

Aldeburgh Lockdown Escape is a body of work based on a two week holiday in Aldeburgh, Suffolk during the COVID-19 pandemic in December 2020. At the time when the very first vaccinations were being started, people were relaxing their behaviour in anticipation of a removal of restrictions over Christmas. And before the horrendous second wave in January and February 20201. It builds on and contrasts the much more colourful and upbeat ‘Aldeburgh Escapes’ images of carnival and morning light in Shutterscapes II Carnival 2017.

‘Reflections in Grey’ is a black and white Photobook of ‘a journey’ round our holiday escape two-room cottage. I had originally intended to do a street documentary of Lockdown. But in the event there was too much traffic pollution and too little social distancing for me to be comfortable going out except for one daily blow along the edge of the sea, and that only on days when it was not raining. At the same time the austere grey cottage interior had very interesting reflections and angles, and the reflected light through condensation on cold morning windows and the see-through cotton blinds were ‘sublime’. 

To preview or order the Photobook on Blurb click here.

The reflections also reference indirectly two 'Lockdown Landscapes' Photo Essays in colour and monochrome taken on the few days when I went out. 

Reflections in Grey: Photographs

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