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By the Boat pond

Tangled Tales: Illustrated Fictions

'Tangled Tales' is a portfolio of fictional narrative vignettes based on sketchbook diaries, photographs and creative writing from observation.

'Lifelines' is a body of sketchbook work about life and relationships in Aldeburgh, including both new sketches and writing from 2022, and reworked sketches and notes from earlier visits.

'Topaz People'  is a body of creative photographic and written portraits based on photographs of people in Aldeburgh from 2009-2022 interpreted as more colourful portraits and vignettes using Topaz Studio art filters.

'Net Tangles:'  is a short graphic fiction work about the sea and environmental impacts of fishing and tourism on the marine environment. Impacts in which we all are 'snared'. Inspired by the video documentary 'Seaspiracy' and the graphic fiction work of Dave McKean.Influenced particularly by the documentary video 'Seaspiracy'.

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